Tired of chasing down all these uninterested “leads”?

Wasted a lot of time on leads but they aren’t showing up or not converting?

What if there is a PROVEN system that generates patient opportunities on demand WITHOUT ever having to chase down leads again?

Bottom Line: We are NOT a cookiecutter marketing agency.

You and your clinic are 100% unique – that’s why we innovate fresh, customized strategies specifically tailored to your story, brand, audience, and goals.


Introducing Our…

“Clinic Growth System”

Our “Clinic Growth System” is designed to implement & continuously improve any &

everything possible to help educate, nurture, and turn new patient opportunities into “real life foot traffic” to deliver the best bang for your marketing bucks!

Introducing Our…

“New Growth System”

Our “New Growth System” is designed to implement & continuously improve any &

everything possible to help educate, nurture, and turn leads into “real life foot traffic” to deliver the best bang for your marketing bucks!

rose antonioHi, I’m Rose Antonio…


And I am here to help YOU stay in your zone of genius.

Because it’s MY zone of genius to remove the overwhelm of digital marketing and execute ridiculously effective (aka) profitable strategies to skyrocket your business.

My team and I are here to help you grow your business. Your internet domination starts with killer strategy. Then, it’s long term support with a cutting edge team of digital powerhouses who KNOW how to make your campaign a success while providing you with top notch customer service. We’re a team of professionals ready to pair with you to help bring your unique gifts to the world.

Looking To Attract New Patients?


Get EXCLUSIVE New Patients Today!

While other companies focus on just getting you leads, we help you increase your revenue. Everything to make your clinic grow and exponentially double your sales revenue.


We offer 100% area exclusivity. These are high quality leads and they are only being sent to you. We do not share the leads with other clinics in the area.

Automated Follow Up System

We have a team of people who follow up with your leads via text and email from the moment they show interest in your offer.

Sales Training & Conversion Partnership

Unparalleled training & support with our system being designed for ease of use so you can focus on selling instead of marketing mumbo-jumbo.

We Don't Do Long Term Contracts, We Do Results!

We’re confident in our services. Hence, why we only do month-to-month contracts. If we’re doing our job and making you money, you’ll want to renew. If not, why stay?

Online Appointment Scheduler

We take some of the work off your front desk by allowing customers to book and even prepay, all from the convenience of their phone or computer.

Sales & Conversion Training

Your front desk is good but probably could be better. We provide staff training as well as sales training to maximize your ROI!

We genuinely believe that the RIGHT TEAM is the difference between success and failure. You’re looking for a team who can take everything you’ve built and MAXIMIZE it with the power of digital advertising.

How We Help Your Clinic Grow

Discover why hundreds of clinics across the US & Canada trust us to drive their growth.

Done For You Website Design

Your website is the foundation of your business marketing. We build sites designed to convert visitors into new customers.


Done For You Google Maps Ranking

Our team knows what works. Digital marketing is our specialty, so we know what new customers are looking for and build your Google Maps strategy to match.

Done For You Facebook Ads Campaign

We are the industry leader using Facebook Ads. We provide one of the most cost-effective ways to get your business in front of the exact new customers you want.

Done For You Google Adwords

We don’t “set it and forget it” the way other marketing agencies do. That’s why we have a proven track record of attracting quality customers at low cost.

Done For You Staff Training

We provide training for your front office staff to convert more calls into booked appointments.

Done For You Call Auditing

Our team of call auditing experts are trained to identify gaps in your front desk techniques, helping your team convert phone calls to new customers.

Your Clinic Will Grow From Our Methodology If…


You Understand the Importance of Marketing to attract NEW Patients. We specialize in advertising to those that live within miles of your business that perhaps have never been into your doors. Nurturing current patients are crucial, but word of mouth referrals cannot predictably grow any clinic and it only goes so far. We consistently get new faces into your doors.


You want to partner with a team that’s more than a company or contractor. Our clients see us as an extension of their internal team and enjoy having clear communication to work together in reaching their goals, increasing their local exposure, and generating new patient opportunities consistently on demand. 


You LOVE the idea of having experts generate high quality leads so you can focus on the bigger picture. Running a business requires lots of time, attention, and energy. Let us focus on generating leads and appointments so you can focus on what you do best – looking after your patients and growing your clinic.


You don’t expect miracles – just results. We can’t promise that you will close every lead that walks into your door, but we can give you fair face-to-face opportunities to offer your services and a solution to your client’s problems. By sticking to our system and guidelines, you WILL see positive traction to help build your dream customer list and consistently fill your pipeline and schedule.

Grow Your Clinic With Our New Growth System!