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In oder for your clinic to thrive, you need to know what your patients want. The best way to learn that is to listen to what they have to say. And the best way to hear what your potential patients have to say is with customer and market research.

Research is key to knowing what your patients want, and knowing what your patients want is vital for maintaining your business.

Before we start on anything, we will conduct an extensive “customer, market, and competitive research” in your area. Then, we would present to you our findings and create a marketing plan based on our research.

Don’t lose leads because you didn’t do your homework and don’t know your customers and competitors like the back of your hand!

You and your business are 100% unique – that’s why we innovate fresh, customized strategies specifically tailored to your story, brand, audience, and dreams.

Bottom Line: We are not a cookiecutter marketing agency.

A Marketing System Focused on Direct, Measurable Results to Consistently and Predictably Generate New Patients on Demand, Guaranteed.

  • We do all the work to drive traffic to your website or landing page!
  • All Hot, Warm Leads are delivered right to your email via our proprietary CRM daily!
  • No more hunting leads or spending hours on social media trying to keep up!
  • No more wasted marketing dollars on ineffective marketing because you don’t know your customers and competitors very well!
  • Spend all your time closing sales to your ideal prospects online, or on the phone. Become a Lead Farmer vs Hunter!
  • Triple your customer growth rate and cash flow acceleration with 100% ‘Done for You’ LinkedIn lead generation!

rose antonioHi, I’m Rose Antonio,

CEO and Founder of

My team and I are here to help you grow your clinic.

Your internet domination starts with killer strategy. Then, it’s long term support with a cutting edge team of digital powerhouses who KNOW how to make your campaigns a success while providing you with top notch customer service.

We’re not just another Facebook ads manager or SEO/Google peolpe lurking around on Facebook and Google. We’re a team of professionals ready to pair with you to help bring your unique gifts to the world.

Get EXCLUSIVE New Patient Inquiries Today!

While other companies focus on just selling you leads, we provide you the whole system. Everything to make your clinic grow and exponentially double your sales revenue.

Exclusive Leads

Our proven campaigns generate real people who WANT to buy and filters out the people with lower likelihood of becoming a closed transaction so you can truly maximize and leverage your time.

Automated Follow Up System

More leads is cool, but you want it to be less work for you so we have created a dedicated follow up platform complete with automated appointments, text, emails and voicemails to work the leads for you.

Sales & Conversion Partnership

Unparalleled training & support with our system being designed for ease of use so you can focus on selling instead of marketing mumbo-jumbo.

True Partnership Growth

Full spectrum of support and training to generate real relationships and build lasting partnership to grow your clinic not just in the short term, but for decades to come.

Lead Nurturing & Sales Training

Our system consistently generates leads and appointments. We help nurture them, convert them, and get more new faces into your door.

Conversion Academy

Worried if this system is right for your team? Don’t stress. We provide extensive training, sales scripts, and strategy sessions to train your team and maximize your ROI.

We genuinely believe that the RIGHT TEAM is the difference between success and failure. You’re looking for a team who can take everything you’ve built and MAXIMIZE it with the power of digital advertising.

Event Advertising:

Whether it’s a grand opening, seasonal event, or to promote a new treatment or machine your clinic is offering – events are the BEST way to get a group of new faces in the door.

This is a done for you service as we generate RSVPs backed up with a complete follow-up system to have people actually show up. We handle it all so you can focus on the bigger picture. This is the easiest way to welcome a group of new, long term patients into your practice in bulk.

Monthly Appointment Booking:

We run ongoing campaigns to get mass, local exposure to the right audience in order to consistently and predictably generate new leads, appointments, and sales for your clinic.

We get it… You’ve probably invested 50k-150k+ for a new machine but can’t seem to figure out how to let your local market know about it. Referrals and word of mouth eventually dwindles down. We are here to help consistently fill your calendar with a steady flow of new clients. Guaranteed.

A proven, end-to-end process that consistently brings in patients
From lead acquisition to onboarding patients once they arrive, it’s all
included—and it’s all done for you.
Here’s what you get:

Campaign Setup & Management
You don’t have to waste hours navigating the thousands of ways to configure a single ad. We know how to target quality leads and get them to click.


Ad Copywriting and Design
You get battle-tested copy and the best-performing ads based on successful campaigns we’ve run in the past. Everything’s tailored to your business.


Landing Page Creation & Hosting
Unlike agencies who charge $1,000 – $5,000 for a single landing page, we include landing pages customized on your treatment and proven to convert your preferred clientele.


Automated Lead & Call Tracking
You’ll be able to track exactly how many leads are coming in and how they’re being managed, no messy analytics involved. Spreadsheets update instantly, call recordings are provided, and scheduling is automatic.


Done-For-You Patient Scheduling
We follow up and schedule every single lead. We respond rapidly, qualify quickly, take care of scheduling,and make sure they show up. It’s what we do best. We know exactly what it takes to get the highest show rate on new patients.


Ongoing Testing and Refinement
Even after we’re obliterating your other lead sources, we continually work to improve lead quality, lower the cost per lead, and improve conversions.

How We Help Your Practice Grow

Discover why hundreds of medical practices across the US & Canada trust us to drive their growth.

Done For You Website Design

Your website is the foundation of your medical practice’s marketing. We build sites designed to convert visitors into new patient calls for your practice.


Done For You SEO

Our team knows what works. Medical industry is our specialty, so we know what new patients are looking for and build your medical practice’s SEO strategy to match.

Done For You Facebook Ads Campaign

We are the industry leader using Facebook Ads for the medical clinic. They provide one of the most cost-effective ways to get your practice in front of the exact new patients you want.

Done For You Google Adwords

We don’t “set it and forget it” the way other marketing agencies do. That’s why we have a proven track record of attracting quality patients at low cost.

Done For You Staff Training

We provide the best phone scripts available so you can train your front office staff to convert more calls to booked appointments.

Done For You Call Auditing

Our team of call auditing experts are trained to identify gaps in your front desk techniques, helping your team convert phone calls to new patients.

This Proven System Is For You If…


You run an established medical clinic.
We specialize in helping integrated clinics, Dentists, Orthodontists, Obgyn’s, Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons, Med Spas, Chiropractors, Spine Clinics, Pain Management Centers, Naturopathic Medicine, Foot and Ankle Clinics and Regenerative Medicine.


You LOVE the idea of having someone else handle your incoming leads.
If you want to focus on doing nothing but treat patients, then you’ll love having a team who can drive new business for you.


You’re committed to making your front desk more efficient.
Successful clients are excited to make their processes more efficient. You need to trust the process and encourage your staff to as well.


You want more of a partner than a faceless contractor.
Our clients see us as an extension of their internal team and enjoy having clear communication about how things are going.


You don’t expect miracles—just results.
Nobody can get you 100% show and close rates, not even us. But if you stick with our system, you WILL see a positive ROI.

You Could Have New Patient Appointments Scheduled By This Time Next Week!